The expected results of the project

ACROSS will provide useful tools, technologies and guidelines:

  • A set of technology solutions for crew monitoring.
  • A set of new avionics functions with the demonstration of global performance improvement for each crew task, (Aviate, Navigate, Communicate and Manage) specifically during peak workload situations.
  • A supplementary step in the technical capability for continued safe flight and landing in case of crew incapacitation.
  • Following initial human factor evaluations, recommendations for management of reduced crew operations, training aspects and evolutions on functions developed.
  • While achieving these goals, ACROSS will also define short-term solutions with short implementation time for immediate use in the cockpit, in order to better support crews in the current two-pilot configuration during situations of high stress.

The results of the project will be summarised in six Reports. Excerpts of the three reports will be made available in this page.