ACROSS solutions video

novembre 20, 2015

The ACROSS project is developing new cockpit solutions in order to reduce crew workload, especially during demanding situations such as high density traffic, bad weather, emergencies and even in case of crew incapacitation. These new solutions aim to maintain flight safety for the coming years, when air traffic and is foreseen to increase and consequently complexity.

ACROSS has now developed more than 25 technologies and applications prototypes that support the flight crew in different phases of the flight and in the main crew tasks categories: Aviate, Navigate, Communicate, and Manage systems.

This video presents some examples illustrating the ACROSS innovations:
• The Door To Door application;
• The Weather Awareness System;
• The Enhanced Closest Airports solution;
• The Integrated System Monitoring and Control function;
• The Minimized Overhead Panel and the Touch Interface Control Panel;
• The Future Radio Management Panel;
• The Crew Monitoring Systems;
• The Electronic Standby Pilot.

The ACROSS innovations are expected to work together, reducing the demand in high workload situations and enhancing crew’s ability to plan and equitably distribute the effort along the whole trajectory of the operation.