ACROSS Posters at Forum#1

luglio 25, 2014

Here you can have a look to the posters presented during the first ACROSS Forum (hosted within the ALICIA Final results public event -30th of July 2014, Rome). Click on the images to preview the posters or righ-click on the title and choose “save as” to download the PDF version.

General ACROSS poster

1 ACROSS-WP12-DBL-DISM-POST-0054_General ACROSS poster_v2

Transversal Support for developing innovation in ACROSS functions

2 ACROSS-WP12-TCD-DISM-POST-0052_TvWP3,4,11 Forum 1_v2

Aircraft Centred Supervision System

3 ACROSS-WP12-DBL-DISM-POST-0047_WP2.4-Forum 1_v1


4 ACROSS-WP12-DBL-DISM-POST-0050_WP5-Forum 1_v2

Navigate and Manage mission

5 ACROSS-WP12-DBL-DISM-POST-0051_WP6-Forum 1_v1


6 ACROSS-WP12-TCD-DISM-POST-0055_WP7-Forum 1_v2

Crew Monitoring

7 ACROSS-WP12-TCD-DISM-POST-0049_WP8-Forum1_v2

Manage Systems

8 ACROSS-WP12-TCD-DISM-POST-0053_WP9-Forum 1_v1

Emergency Aircraft Control System

9 ACROSS-WP12-DBL-DISM-POST-0046_WP10-Forum1_v1